Mangrove Jack's International Czech Pilsener Beer kit 1.7kg


Mangrove Jack's International Czech Pilsener Beer kit 1.7kg

Mangrove Jack's International Czech Pilsener Beer kit 1.7kg

Mangrove Jack's International Czech Pilsener Beer Kit 1.7kg! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary brewing journey with our top-quality beer kit. Whether you're an experienced brewer or just starting out, our Czech Pilsener Beer Kit is perfect for crafting a delicious, authentic Czech-style pilsner right in the comfort of your own home.

The1.7kg beer kit contains everything you need to create a world-class beer that will impress even the most discerning beer connoisseurs. With a carefully curated blend of premium ingredients, including the finest malt extract, hops, and yeast, you can be confident that you're brewing with the best.

Why choose our Czech Pilsener Beer Kit? Not only does it produce a beer with a rich golden color, but it also boasts a crisp, clean taste with a hint of hop bitterness. The result is a refreshing and well-balanced beer that showcases the traditional flavors of Czech pilsners.

Brewing your own beer has never been easier! Our step-by-step instructions will guide you through the entire process, ensuring success even if you're a beginner. The kit comes with pre-measured ingredients, making it a breeze to follow the recipe and achieve consistent, professional-quality results every time.

Experience the joy of brewing and savor the satisfaction of sharing your homemade Czech Pilsener with friends and family. Impress your guests at parties, BBQs, or simply enjoy a cold one after a long day. Plus, brewing your own beer allows you to customize the flavor to your liking, giving you the freedom to experiment and create unique variations.

With Mangrove Jack's International Czech Pilsener Beer Kit 1.7kg, you're not just brewing beer, you're creating memories. So, what are you waiting for? Start your brewing adventure today and unlock the true potential of your inner brewmaster. Order now and join the worldwide community of homebrewers who have discovered the art of crafting exceptional beers with Mangrove Jack's International. Cheers to great taste and unforgettable experiences!


Make 23 L

Target ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 14 – 20
EBC: 10 – 16

Recommended Fermenter

Research has shown that in order to extract the most flavour from hops and yeast, and to minimise contact with oxygen, pressure fermenters are the best fermenters for any style of beer which is why the manufacturer recommends to use one of the below fermenters:

Liquid Yeast Options

Lager & Pilsner Yeast Strains:

BlueStone Yeast Stuttgart

Bluetone Yeast Pilsen

English Ales:

English Strong Bitter

Stouts and Dark Ales Yeast Strains:

Bluestone Yeast London

Belgian Beer Yeast Strains:


Dry Yeast Options

Other Yeast Options

                                   Philly Sour Yeast (sour beers)                       Mangrove Jack's M29 French Saison                       Lallemand Belle Saison Beer

Beer Style Recommendations


Kristall Weizen


Dunkel Weizen

IBU Level

IBU: 30-35

EBC colour

SRM: 4


ABV: 4

Malt composition


Hops content


Kit & Kilo, Tin and Can FAQ

Below you will find the questions we get asked the most regarding our tins and Kit & Kilo offering.
Please click on one of the questions below to see the answer.

Tins usage

How do I get the malt out of the tin?

You will need to open the tin and warm it up gently in a pot of water to help liquify all the malt goodness. Once the content seems runny enough, it is reday to transfer to your pot or fermenter.

How many tins do I need?

Most recipes call for 1 tin however the world is your oyster and you can experiment with 2 or even 3 tins! we recommend you take a look at our recommend tin or Kit & Kilo recipes.


How do I store my tin?

Similarly to all other food tins, in a dark and dry place such as a regular food pantry.

How long can I store my tin for before usage?

Every tin will have a best by use date on the bottom or top of the tin.

My tin has passed its best by use date, what do I do now?

Most people will discard the tin however some warriors have used them in the past and lived to tell the tale. There will be loss of flavour and we do not recommend doing it.


Any suggestuions for beginners?

Needs more hops.
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