Fresh Wort Kits

Fresh Wort Kits

Keg King offers a wide variety of fresh wort kits (FWKs), enabling you to easily brew your favorite beer styles at home. FWKs are the best way to make brewery-quality beer at home. As these are never concentrated, the true flavors of the malt and hops shine through in the finished beer. The wort is professionally brewed and packaged; you just need to ferment it.


Check out our YouTube channel to learn how easy brewing is with a fresh wort kit.


Grain & Grape in Yarraville popularised the FWK in Australia and Keg King have been selling their range for years. In 2024, Grain & Grape announced they were closing, much to the dismay of many brewers who had come to love their FWKs. Keg King has partnered with the team at Grain & Grape to take over their FWK range and will begin production in Springvale using the same systems and recipes. These are expected to be available in the second half of 2024.

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