Berliner Weisse Artisan Ale Grain & Grape Fresh Wort Kit


Artisan Ale Fresh Wort Kit Berliner Weisse

These wort kits are made on a Speidel 500L Braumeister Brewery. They are especially suited to time poor brewers or those who simply want an excellent beer with a minimum of effort.
NOTE: This kit is designed to be fermented undiluted.


Yeast not included.




This is wort is kettle soured with Lallemand Sourpitch and Wyeast Lactobaccilus. This makes it perfectly suited to making a Berliner Weisse, Gose or adding Brett or fruit. The possibilities are almost unlimited. It is a low gravity but the acidity makes it a tough environment for the yeast so we recommend using 2 packs of either liquid or dry yeast use 1 pack and make a 2 litre starter.


Dry hopping suggestions: 250g of your favourite fruit (raspberry is the traditional fruit but other berries can be used).

Recommended yeasts:
Use a mild flavoured yeast such as Bluestone San Diego, US05 is a suitable dry yeast.


Approximate cube volume: 16.5L
Starting Gravity: 1.035. No dilution is recommended
Grist make up: Joe White Pilsner 50%, JW Wheat 50%.


Recommended yeasts:
Use a mild flavoured yeast such as Bluestone San Diego, US05 is a suitable dry yeast.

Fresh Wort Kits Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the questions we get asked the most regarding our Fresh Wort Kits (FWK).
Please click on one of the questions below to see the answer.

What are fresh wort kits?

Fresh wort kits are convenient and time-saving options for homebrewers. They consist of pre-made, ready-to-use wort (unfermented beer) that has been professionally brewed and then packaged for homebrewing.

How do fresh wort kits work?

Fresh wort kits eliminate the need for the homebrewer to go through the entire brewing process, including mashing and boiling. Instead, the kits provide a pre-boiled and cooled wort that can be transferred directly into a fermenter, where yeast is added to begin fermentation.

What are the benefits of using fresh wort kits?

Fresh wort kits offer several advantages, including:
  • Time-saving: With pre-made wort, you can skip several hours of brewing and focus on fermentation and other aspects of brewing.
  • Consistency: Professional brewing ensures a high-quality and consistent wort base for your beer.
  • Convenience: Fresh wort kits provide a convenient solution for both beginners and experienced homebrewers who want to streamline their brewing process.

Can I customize the beer when using a fresh wort kit?

Absolutely! While the wort itself is pre-made, you have the flexibility to customize the beer to your liking. You can experiment with different yeast strains, hop additions, and even adjuncts to create unique flavors and styles.

Which keg king products are compatible with fresh wort kits?

Keg King offers a range of products that complement the use of fresh wort kits, including:

Can I use fresh wort kits with other fermenters or kegerators?

Yes! Fresh wort kits can be used with a wide range of fermenters and kegerators. However, it's important to ensure that your chosen equipment is suitable for the size and requirements of the fresh wort kit you intend to use.

Are fresh wort kits suitable for all levels of homebrewers?

Fresh wort kits are suitable for brewers of all levels, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. They offer a convenient option for beginners looking to dive into homebrewing without the complexities of the entire brewing process. Experienced brewers can also benefit from the time-saving aspect and use fresh wort kits as a base to experiment and build upon.

Additional info

Remember to check the specific instructions provided with each fresh wort kit and the recommended fermentation temperature to achieve the best results.
For a wide selection of fresh wort kits and compatible products from Keg King, explore our range of brewing supplies and equipment.
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