About Us

About Keg King

Keg King is the registered business name of MCH Australia which specializes in providing innovative, high quality and cost effective home brewing and beer dispensing equipment since 2010.



Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or professional brewer, we have all your brewing needs covered. We stock high quality ingredients from the world's best producers of malted grain, fresh hop products and yeast to suit any style of beer and palate. Our line of Kegmaster Series 4 kegerator fridges makes serving beer on tap at home simple and affordable. From commercial breweries to home breweries, whether you're making 23 litres at a time or 2000, we have equipment and knowledgeable staff to support you in creating the best beer each and every time you brew.

At Keg King Australia, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service and always work to ensure that customer satisfaction is priority one. All of the equipment we sell is backed by our warranty policy.

For us, the bottom line is simple. We love good beer and strive to support the craft and home brewing communities with education, sponsorship and unique products to make your brew day easier and your beers even tastier. You can contact us, in person at our retail shop in Springvale VIC or you can get in touch by phone or our Facebook page.