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Keg King is the leading distributor of Homebrew and home dispensing supplies.Located in Melbourne, Australia, we supply a large range of products made from the highest quality of foodgrade PET and foodgrade Stainless Steel.

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'Everything you need for beer, always right here!'

Whether you're a brewer or someone wanting to put drinks on tap at home, in a cafe or at the office,

Keg King offers beverage creation and keg dispense solutions for amateurs and pros!

We don't just sell products, we innovate, design and manufacture our equipment to bring your beverage ambitions to life!
Our brands include: Australian Made P.E.T. King Kegs, Apollo P.E.T. Pressure Fermenters & Unitanks, Keg Master Kegerators Keg Beer Fridges, Atomic 15 Brewery Cleaners & Sanitiser, Ultratap Twist FC Faucets, Spundy, Solstice Fridge and more!

Check the resellers map on our website to find where our products are available in North America, UK, EU, Aus, NZ and South Africa.
Since 2009, 0ur mission is to make the best brewing & dispensing equipment in the world!

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Office Warehouse 1 Address

48 Smith Road, Springvale VIC 3171 AU

Warehouse 2 Address

1/33-35 Smith Road, Springvale VIC 3171 AU

Factory Address

8 McWilliam Street, Springvale VIC 3171 AU