Mangrove Jacks Yeast M36 Liberty Bell Ale (10g)

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Mangrove Jacks Yeast M36 Liberty Bell Ale (10g)

Mangrove Jacks Yeast M36 Liberty Bell Al - A top fermenting ale yeast suitable for a wide variety of hoppy and distinctive style beers. This strain produces light, delicate fruity esters and helps to develop malt character. Suitable for both English and American Pale Ales, Extra Special Bitters, Golden Ales and more.

The ultimate destination for craft beer enthusiasts! Our M36 Liberty Bell Ale yeast is a true game-changer, delivering unparalleled flavors and aromas that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

Crafted with precision and passion, M36 Liberty Bell Ale yeast is specifically designed to enhance the brewing process, giving your ales a distinct character and a smooth, balanced finish. This exceptional yeast strain showcases its versatility by perfectly complementing a wide range of beer styles, from pale ales to amber ales and everything in between.

With Mangrove Jacks Yeast M36 Liberty Bell Ale, you can expect a remarkable fermentation experience. This high-performance yeast guarantees a vigorous and efficient fermentation, ensuring optimal flavor development and a consistent final product. Say goodbye to off-flavors and hello to exceptional brews!

Our M36 Liberty Bell Ale yeast stands out from the crowd with its exceptional temperature tolerance and robust fermentation profile. It thrives in a wide temperature range, allowing you to experiment with different fermentation techniques and produce ales with unique flavors and characteristics. Whether you prefer a clean and crisp finish or a more complex and fruity profile, M36 Liberty Bell Ale yeast has got you covered.

Brewers worldwide trust Mangrove Jacks Yeast M36 Liberty Bell Ale for its reliability, consistency, and quality. It's the go-to choice for both beginner brewers and seasoned professionals who demand the best from their brews. Our yeast is carefully packaged and stored, ensuring optimal viability and vitality for your brewing endeavors.

Unlock your brewing potential with Mangrove Jacks Yeast M36 Liberty Bell Ale. Elevate your homebrewing game to new heights and create beers that will impress even the most discerning palates. Join the growing community of beer enthusiasts who have discovered the secret to exceptional ales – Mangrove Jacks Yeast M36 Liberty Bell Ale.

Order your Mangrove Jacks Yeast M36 Liberty Bell Ale today and embark on an extraordinary brewing journey. Cheers to unforgettable flavors, memorable moments, and the art of brewing excellence!

Beer style recommendations:


Pale Ales


Hoppy Ales

English Ales

American Ales

Extra Special Bitters

Golden Ales





Usage Directions:

Sprinkle directly on up to 23 L of wort.

For best results, ferment at 18-24 degrees C.


Dry Yeast Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the questions we get asked the most regarding our dry yeasts.
Please click on one of the questions below to see the answer.

Dry Yeast Usage

Is it recommended to rehydrate dry yeast?

A big part of homebrewing comes down to what works best for you and also following producers' recommendations. We would encourage you to read instructions before use.

Do I need to rehydrate the yeast before pitching?

Typically, dry yeasts do not need to be rehydrated before use and can be pitched directly into our fermenters. However, some brewers prefer to rehydrate dry yeasts as they think it speeds up the start of fermentation.

How do I rehydrate dry yeast?

To rehydrate yeast, simply add around 300ml of lukewarm water to a sanitised conatainer, and add the content of the packet then cover with a layer of tin foil. You will notice that after an hour or so, the yeast will start to buble and activate.

Storage Recommendation

How do I store my dry yeast?

Store in the fridge or dry and cool place.

How long can I store my dry yeast for?

Dry yeast can be stored for extended periods of time. Please refer to the package for the best before date.
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