Lallemand BRY-97 American West Coast 11g

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LalBrew® BRY-97 is an American West Coast style ale yeast that was selected from the Siebel Institute Culture Collection for its ability to produce high quality ales. It is a neutral strain with a high flocculation ability that can be used to make a wide variety of American-style beers. 

Quick Facts:  Beer Styles = American Ales, Aroma = Neutral With Slight Ester, Attenuation = Normal to High, Fermentation Range 15C to 22C, Flocculation = High, Alcohol Tolerance = 13%ABV, Pitching Rate = 50 - 100g/hl to achieve a minimum of 2.5 - 5 billion cells/ml

Through expression of a beta-glucosiadase enzyme, LalBrew® BRY-97 can promote hop biotransformation and accentuate hop flavour and aroma. Traditional ales made with LalBrew BRY-97 include but are not limited to:

  • Cream Ale
  • American Wheat
  • Scotch Ale
  • American Pale Ale
  • American Amber
  • American Brown
  • American IPA
  • American Stout
  • Russian Imperial Stout
  • Imperial IPA
  • Roggen/Rye
  • Old Ale
  • American Barleywine

Classified as a Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a top fermenting yeast, typical analysis of LalBrew® BRY-97 yeast:

  • Percent solids  93% – 97%
  • Living Yeast Cells  ≥  5 x 109 per gram of dry yeast
  • Wild Yeast  < 1 per 106 yeast cells
  • Bacteria  < 1 per 106 yeast cells

Finished product is released to the market only after passing a rigorous series of tests

*According to the ASBC and EBC methods of analysis

In Lallemand’s Standard Conditions Wort at 20°C (68°F) LalBrew® BRY-97 yeast exhibits:

  • Vigorous fermentation that can be completed in 4 days
  • Medium to High Attenuation and High Flocculation
  • Aroma and flavor is neutral with slight ester notes.

The optimal temperature range for LalBrew® BRY-97 yeast when producing traditional styles is 15°C(59°F)  to 22°C(72°F)

Fermentation rate, fermentation time and degree of attenuation are dependent on inoculation density, yeast handling, fermentation temperature and nutritional quality of the wort.

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