LP's Walnut Brown Ale All Grain Kit

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Dry - Safale US-05
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Liquid - Bluestone San Diego
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Brew your own Walnut Brown Ale at home, combining roasted malts and real walnuts for a nutty and rich flavor profile. Elevate your homebrewing game with this fall-inspired craft beer recipe.

This exceptional recipe showcases the perfect marriage of roasted malts and real walnuts, resulting in a brew that captures the essence of nutty richness and delightful complexity.

As you craft this Walnut Brown Ale, the carefully selected roasted malts infuse the beer with inviting aromas of chocolate and coffee. The addition of real walnuts introduces an earthy undertone that adds depth to every sip. The flavor profile strikes a harmonious balance between malt sweetness and a subtle hop bitterness, ensuring a smooth and satisfying finish.

Picture yourself enjoying a glass of this ale on a crisp autumn day, its deep brown hue mirroring the changing leaves around you. Share it with friends and family, or savor it in solitude as you revel in the satisfaction of your brewing prowess.

Crafting your own Walnut Brown Ale is not just a culinary endeavor – it's an expression of your creativity and passion for the craft. As you take each step, from selecting the finest ingredients to monitoring the fermentation process, you're participating in a tradition that stretches back centuries.

Discover the joy of homebrewing as you follow our Walnut Brown Ale recipe. Embrace the journey, the experimentation, and the satisfaction of creating a beer that reflects your unique taste and style. Whether you're a seasoned homebrewer or just starting out, this recipe invites you to explore the art of brewing and create a beverage that embodies the essence of fall.


What is a Walnut Brown Ale?

Walnut Brown Ale is a type of beer known for its rich and nutty flavors. It's often brewed using a combination of roasted malts that contribute to the beer's dark color and chocolate or coffee-like notes. Additionally, real walnuts are sometimes added during the brewing process to enhance the nutty character of the beer. The result is a brew that balances malt sweetness with a subtle hop bitterness, creating a smooth and flavorful profile reminiscent of roasted nuts. Walnut Brown Ale is a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts, especially during the fall season when its warm and earthy qualities make it a comforting and satisfying choice.

This kit includes:
Light Ale Malt
Crystal Malt
Flaked Wheat
Roasted Barley
Chocolate Malt

Recommended Hops (Select Above):
Pride of Ringwood

Not Inlcuded:
60g of walnuts, deshelled and crushed, roasted at 180c for 25 mins

Yeast (Select Above):
Liquid Options: Safale US-05 or Mangrove Jack's M42
Dry Option: Bluestone Yeast San Diego


Grain Milling is and Option



Hops: Australian Hops

LP's Walnut Brown Ale All Grain Kit



Mash in 20L @66c (60 min)

Mash out @77c (10min) 

Sparge Water - 14L @77c


Boiling 60min

Boil Pride of Ringwood 33g (30min)


Fermentation & Dry Hoping

Pressure Ferment @18-22c under 5~10psi

Dry hop at the start of fermentation 60g of walnuts, deshelled and crushed, roasted at 180c for 25 mins



Target bacth volume in fermenter 23L

Target Original Gravity (OG) ~ 1.050

Target Final Gravity (FG) ~ 1.012


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