Barrel Buster Porter Wood Aged Porter All Grain Kit Keg King Recipe

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Barrel Buster Porter - Wood Aged Porter - All Grain Kit - Advanced Level Kit, some experience and extra processing required.

Enjoy a big, beautifully decadent Barrel Aged Porter without the space issues of keeping a barrel in your brewery space. Our Barrel Buster Porter is a wood aged dark beer that gets better with age. This fantastically delicious, medium to medium-full bodied, chocolate Porter with a thick tan head has a balanced bitterness from American and English hops. This beer is finished on medium charred bourbon barrel American Oak Chips which you can prepare by soaking in your favourite whisky, bourbon or rum to bringing a nice, harmonising vanilla accent from the spirit soaked wood. Apply the oak chips to your fermenter in a sanitised hop pouch or grain bag after fermentation and allow the beer to rest on the oak until you reach the desired amount of wood character. Barrel Buster Porter's higher alcohol content warms well with the toffee-like, coffee and chocolate flavours of the toasted malt character. Barrel Buster Porter is one to age and enjoy over time, but it will be difficult given how delicious this Porter is even when it's young. The flavours mature and meld together, providing a new, enjoyable drinking experience every time.


Barrel Buster Porter All Grain Kit contains:
Maris Otter Malt - 5.5kg
Wheat Malt - 500g
Chocolate Malt - 300g
Dark Crystal Malt - 250g
Black Malt - 200g

Saaz Hops - 100g
East Kent Goldings - 100g
Draw String Hop Pouches 

Stillmaster Tennessee Bourbon Oak Chips

Dry Yeast Option is Safale 04
Liquid Yeast Option is Bluestone Yeast London

Grain Milling is an option with this kit.

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