Check Mate Czech Pilsner All Grain Kit Keg King Recipe

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Check Mate - Czech Pilsner - All Grain Kit

Czech Pilsner was the world’s first pale lager and originated from the Czech city of Pilsen. This beer would steadily grow in popularity from when the very first batch was brewed in October 1842 until today where literally billions of litres of pilsner beer are brewed worldwide. There are many takes on the Pilsner style that have been adopted by brewers worldwide including German, American and European varieties. However, the Czech Pilsner is not only the original, it’s a highly enjoyable drinking experience that pairs well with just about every variety cuisine.

Your brewing skills will be put to the test because with this beer, flavour, clarity and clean fermentation characters are critical. You will need a high level of brewery and cellar control because temperatures are important at all stages to bring this beer to life in your glass. The wait will be worth it simply because the experience of drinking bright, clear, fresh Pilsner that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf or imported across the world is a beer drinking experience like no other.

With Check Mate Czech Pilsner, you’ll be thrilled with how the simple ingredients combine to make something so enjoyable and so balanced that the best thing to pair with it is another one. Bright golden colour, medium toasted crackerlike malt flavour and medium zesty hop notes will combine and finish clean, soft and crisp. You can do it, and you’ll thrill your beer drinking friends that don’t think your homebrew could ever taste better than the brand name-macrobrewed lager they buy at the shop. Brew up a Check Mate Czech Pilsner. You’ll be glad you did.


This Kit Includes:

Pilsner Malt - 4.3kg
Carahell - 150g


30g German Perle (60 min)
30g Saaz (30 min)
30g Saaz (15 min)

Liquid Yeast Option Bluestone Yeast Pilsen / Stuttgart or Dry Yeast Option Safale S-23.

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