Calibration Pale Ale American Pale All Grain Kit Keg King Recipe

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Calibration Pale Ale - American Pale - All Grain Kit - Beginner Level Kit, easy to brew.

With a well rounded flavour profile, medium light body and clean, fresh finish, our Calibration Pale Ale is a great beginners all-grain kit recipe that brewers return to again and again. This is the recipe we outline in the instruction manuals for our Keg King Guten Brewery Systems and it’s a great one for starting out.

Brewers can see the magic of the wort clarifying as they recirculate during the mashing stage. This single step recipe is simple to make and simply delicious.

The light golden colour shines bright and clear after fermentation with a cold crash to brighten up the beer. Calibration Pale Ale doesn’t require any dryhops, keeping the fermentation easy and clean. The hop aromas from the kettle hop additions late in the boiil bring floral, piney and citrus notes over the toasty malt aroma. You’ll savour the balance of flavours that blend the yeast’s delicate fruit esters together with orange spice cake from the hops and toasty malt. The finish is smooth, just slightly hoppy and very clean.

There are billions of Pale Ales out there, but this one is all yours. The Calibration Pale Ale Recipe brings you some real magic for your glass that you can keep adjusting and fine tuning each brewday until you achieve your own personal beer nirvana!


This Kit Includes:

Pale Ale Malt 5kg (Base)
Munich Malt 0.35kg (Base)

Magnum 19g @ 60min
Amarillo 7g and Cascade 7g @10 min
Amarillo 14g and Cascade 14g @0 min

Liquid Yeast Option Bluestone Yeast San Diego or Dry Yeast Option Safale US-05.

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