Life is cr-Hazy Hazy IPA All Grain Kit Keg King Recipe

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Safale US-05
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Life is cr-Hazy - Hazy IPA - All Grain Kit - Intermediate Level Kit - Some extra processing required during fermentation

Hazy IPA with a big dank, passionfruity flavour. Perfect anytime of year. The oats assist with giving this beer a nice medium to medium low body that backs up the huge resiny, passionfruity flavours of the galaxy hops. The absence of hops in the early part of the boil means there is a pleasant, reduced bitterness and a more pronounced Galaxy hop flavour.

This beer can be tricky to mash because of the oats which don't have husks to assist with mash filtration. We would recommend if you don't have ricehulls or oathulls on hand that you add some to your order to avoid getting a stuck mash. 

Want to add even more of that Tropical Hop Flavour to your beer?

Try adding more Galaxy or Eclipse hops as dryhops!


This kit Includes:

Traditional Ale Malt - 5.5kg

Rolled/Flaked Oats - 1.0kg

Recommended Hops (Select Above):

Galaxy Hops - 100g

Galaxy and/or Eclipse for Dry Hop

Yeast (Select Above):

Dry Yeast Option is Safale US05 or LalBrew BRY-97™

Liquid Yeast Option is Bluestone San Diego


Grain Milling is an option.

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