Black Bear Dark Lager (Schwarzbier) All Grain Kit

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Dark Malts in One bag, Munich & Pils in Second Bag
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Dry Yeast - Saflager W-34/70
Dry Yeast - Saflager S-23
Dry - Saflager S-189
Liquid - Bluestone Stuttgart
Liquid - Bluestone Oslo
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Schwarzbier is a German-style dark lager that translates to "black beer" in English. It is known for its deep, dark color, ranging from dark brown to black, and its smooth, clean taste. Despite its dark appearance, Schwarzbier is generally lighter in body compared to other dark beers.

Introducing our Black Bear Dark Lager (Schwarzbier) All Grain Kit, the perfect choice for homebrewers who crave a rich and flavorful beer experience. This kit is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring exceptional quality and taste in every sip.

The Black Bear Dark Lager is a classic German-style beer known for its deep ebony color and smooth character. With a careful balance of roasted malts, this brew offers a delightful combination of toasty, chocolate, and caramel notes. The subtle hop bitterness adds a refreshing touch, while the clean finish leaves you wanting more.

Brewing your own Black Bear Dark Lager has never been easier with our all grain kit. It includes premium malted grains, hops, yeast, and detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you through the brewing process. Whether you're a seasoned homebrewer or just starting out, this kit provides everything you need to create a professional-quality beer at home.

Get ready to impress your friends and family with your brewing skills and treat them to the rich flavors of Black Bear Dark Lager. Enjoy the satisfaction of crafting your own beer and the joy of sharing it with others. Whether it's a special occasion or simply a relaxing evening, this beer is sure to elevate your drinking experience.

So why wait? Embrace the art of homebrewing and indulge in the deliciousness of Black Bear Dark Lager. Unleash your creativity, experiment with flavors, and take pride in every sip. Order our Black Bear Dark Lager (Schwarzbier) All Grain Kit today and embark on an exciting brewing journey that will reward you with a beer you can truly call your own.

This kit includes:

For mashing:
Pilsner Malt 4kg
Munich Type I 500g
Munich Type II 500g

For cold steeping:

Carafa Type II 250g
Midnight Wheat 250g

Recommended Hops (Select Above):
Tettnang 100g

Yeast (Select Above):

Dry options: Fermentis 34/70, Fermentis Safale S23 or Fermentis Safale S189
Liquid Options: Bluestone Stuttgart, Bluestone Oslo

Grain Milling is and Option or


Hops: any noble German hops


Recommended Fermenter

Research has shown that in order to extract the most flavour from hops and yeast, and to minimise contact with oxygen, pressure fermenters are the best fermenters for any style of beer which is why the manufacturer recommends to use one of the below fermenters:

Recipe Suggestions

Looking for inspiration? Click on the links below to take a look at our All Grain recipe kits, Kit & Kilo recipe kits and Fresh Wort Kits.

Explore our hops options

Research has shown that in order to extract the most flavour from hops, and to minimise contact with oxygen, pressure fermenters are the recommended fermenters for any style. If you want to produce the best beer possible, please take a look at our Australian Made PET Fermenters.

All Grain Recipe Kit FAQ

Below you will find the questions we get asked the most regarding our All Grains Recipe Kits.
Please click on one of the questions below to see the answer.

What are all-grain recipe kits?

All-grain recipe kits provide homebrewers with a comprehensive set of ingredients and instructions to create beer from scratch using malted grains, hops, yeast, and water. These kits offer a more hands-on brewing experience compared to extract kits.

Are all-grain recipe kits suitable for beginners?

While all-grain brewing can be more involved, it's a rewarding process for enthusiasts who want to explore the nuances of brewing. If you're new to brewing, we recommend starting with extract kits and gradually progressing to all-grain kits.

What does a typical all-grain recipe kit include?

Our all-grain recipe kits come with carefully measured malted grains, hops, yeast, and detailed instructions. You'll need additional equipment like a mash tun and hot liquor tank for mashing and sparging.

Why should I choose all-grain brewing?

All-grain brewing allows for greater control over the brewing process and the final flavor of your beer. You can experiment with different grains and techniques to craft unique and high-quality brews.

Can I use the all-grain kit with any fermenter?

Yes, you can use our all-grain kits with various fermenters. However, we highly recommend using Keg King Apollo Fermenters for a seamless brewing experience. These fermenters are designed to maintain optimal fermentation conditions and are easy to clean.

What are the benefits of using Keg King Apollo Fermenters?

Keg King Apollo Fermenters are designed with advanced features such as temperature control, pressure capabilities, and a conical bottom for yeast harvesting. These features help ensure consistent fermentation and improved beer clarity.

Can I control the fermentation temperature with Keg King Apollo Fermenters?

Absolutely. Keg King Apollo Fermenters come with built-in temperature control options, allowing you to set and maintain precise fermentation temperatures. This control is crucial for producing clean and well-balanced beers.

Are Keg King Apollo Fermenters easy to clean?

Yes, the design of Keg King Apollo Fermenters prioritizes easy cleaning. The conical bottom and removable parts make it convenient to remove trub and yeast, ensuring a hygienic brewing environment.

Can I use Keg King Apollo Fermenters for other types of brewing?

Yes, Keg King Apollo Fermenters are versatile and can be used for a variety of fermentation processes, including wine and cider making. Their adaptable features make them a valuable addition to any homebrewing setup.

Where can I find brewing guides for using all-grain kits and Keg King Apollo Fermenters?

We provide detailed brewing guides with each all-grain kit purchase. Additionally, you can find resources on our website and community forums to help you make the most of your brewing experience.

If you have more questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our customer support. Happy brewing with your all-grain recipe kits and Keg King Apollo Fermenters!

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