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Bertus Der Meister White IPA All Grain Kit Keg King Recipe

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Bertus Der Meister - White IPA - All Grain Kit

Bertus Der Meister White IPA is a beer so good it got First Place in White IPA Category and a Champion Beer at the 2021 Merri Mashers IPA Comp. Brewed by Nicolas Hellstern and named in honour his father, this beer will change your understanding of what a White IPA can be. This brew day will have you raiding the spice cupboard and prepping a few simple additions besides grain and hops.

Bertus Der Meister starts with a multi-step mash of wheat malt and the fresh grain toastyness of Voyager Veloria Malt to create a smooth, medium bodied malt bill with a deep golden colour. The addition of 500g Golden Syrup* lends fermentability without increasing the body, kicking the ABV up into the IPA range. Light citrus aromas from the combination of Citra and Mandarina Bavaria variety hops meld with the addition of fresh lemon peel* at flame out. The coriander* and black pepper corns* lend a zesty spice accent that complements the other ingredients. But the real magic in this beer is tied together with the amazing transformations that occur with Voss variety Kveik yeast and a fermentation that occurs at 38C. Break out the heat belts or brew this one in summer.

Bertus Der Meister, truly an IPA experience to be shared. Hoist one in honour of Bertus! Prost!

*The recipe instructions will indicate items that aren't included in the kit but are easily sourced including light golden syrup, pepper corns and lemon peel.

Due to the use of wheat, we recommend using approx 200g of rice hulls to assist with wort filtration in the mash


This Kit Includes:

Ale Malt 3kg
Wheat Malt - 1.5kg


Mandarina Bavaria



Recipe directions

Mash temperature:

55c mash in and bring to 65c

65c for 60 minutes

78c for 15 minutes - mash out


Boil schedule:




Please follow yeast instructions on the packet


Please note that if one of the components (malt, yeast, hops) is not in stock, we will replace with the next closest ingredients that will still make the recipe work!

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