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When you want your kegerator to have a higher level of visual appeal, KegMaster XL Prestige variety kegerators will give you professional, sleek stainless steel look. 



More than just a high performance, spacious kegerator, Kegmaster XL Prestige showcases a stunning, professional stainless steel appeal for those who value form as well as function. 


With its stainless steel benchtop and elegant Ultra T Font, Kegmaster XL's gleam takes centre stage wherever it pours.

Easy to clean and made from 304 Stainless Steel that will last a lifetime, these kegerators are more than just another fridge or piece of bar equipment.


Prestige vareity kegerators are a talking point, a conversation starter that will make any space more fun. 

Don't just get a kegerator.


Get a Kegmaster XL Prestige variety kegerator to get that attractive look that you'll keep admiring for years.




Get Four Kegs On Tap With Kegmaster™ XL Beer Keg Fridges and save space as well as cooling times!


Kegmaster™ XL Keg Beer Keg Fridges are the fastest way to get up to FOUR 19 Litre (5 gallon) ball lock kegs on tap in your home, café, bar or mancave.


Since the first Kegmaster™ Beer keg Fridges were release in 2009, Keg King has continually upgraded the beer tap equipment, performance and volume of our kegerator range.


Our NEW KegMaster™ XL, released in May 2022, is a powerful and efficient refrigeration unit, with the larger capacity to fit four 19 Litre kegs or one 50 Litre commercial keg.


We increased the internal volume to 160 Litres AND we kept these Keg Fridges compact so they fit practically anywhere you want to put beer, cider, wine, premixed drinks, soda water, kombucha, espresso martinis and more. With the KegMaster™ XL Keg Fridge, it’s your bar so you always get to choose what’s on tap!


With built in low profile rollers KegMaster™ XL kegerators are simple to move into position to start enjoying your beverages.


You’ll also get to select how many taps you need. We have KegMaster™ XL models in single, double, triple and quadruple beer tap tower arrays that come with the ultimate laminar flow stainless steel beer taps on the market, the UltraTap!


Our Fridge Pack includes our newly improved MKX Regulators for dispensing CO2 to serve your draft system with percision and reliability.


When you get a KegMaster™ XL you get more than just a higher capacity kegerator, including:

  • Built in rollers for easy moving – removeable and upgradeable to castors
  • Reversible Door – orient to open how you like
  • Font Fan with speed control – keeps your font cold and runs more quietly
  • Internal light – handy for inspecting keg connections
  • Fits standard fonts – choose how many taps you require
  • Suitable for free standing installations – can also be installed under counters
  • R600a Refrigerant – environmentally friendly



  • Height:  850 mm with rollers 830 mm without rollers 890 mm with castors
  • Width:   610 mm
  • Depth:   660 mm
  • Internal Height:   724.9 mm
  • Internal Width:   511.9 mm
  • Internal Depth:   405.1 mm
  • Volume:   160 L
  • Weight:   43 Kg
  • Power:   220-240V 50Hz
  • Climate Class:   T
  • Refrigerant:   R600a (40g)
  • Insulation:   Cyclopentane
  • Packaged dimensions: H 88cm W 66cm D 69cm


Recommended Setback:

Our KegMaster Series XL needs good airflow to help it achieve optimum cooling power. The ideal setback, or spacing, is as per below (when facing the fridge):

  • No setback required on the sides
  • No setback required at the back, though we suggest 5-10cm for good airflow circulation
  • No setback required on the top, can be installed flush to a counter top
  • No setback required underneath*
  • No setback at the front
  • Can not be enclosed into a cabinet, it must have vents

*It is recommended to have your Series XL KegMaster elevated from the floor, in case any moisture settles under it, the spacing will help dissipate it.



Swap it out for a Stainless Steel Benchtop For KegMaster XL.

Simple to replace and enjoy, Our KegMaster™ XL benchtops are available in 304 Stainless Steel for a clean, professional look that will last a lifetime.

*KegMaster XL Kegerators come with plugs for the holes on the benchtop, however Benchtop Guard Rails are an optional extra and can be purchased separately.


Setting the Calibration Factor on the Keg Master Series XL Kegerator:

If your kegerator is freezing the chill plate on the inside with a thick layer or ice, it is recommended to set the calibration at -3 and see if the situation improves.

If the KegMaster™ is not cold enough, it is recommended to set it to +2 and see it the situation improves.


  1. Press and hold both the “Cooler” and “Warmer” buttons for 5 seconds until the temperature display flashes SC.
  2. Release those buttons and press the “°F/°C” button.
  3. The display now shows the calibration factor, and you can change it with the “Cooler” and “Warmer” buttons.
  4. Once it is at the desired value press the “°F/°C” button again to save it. 


Must read

  • Ventilation: the fridge MUST have proper ventilation around itself in order to cool properly and to maximise its lifespan
  • Out of direct sunlight: the fridge MUST NOT be in direct sunlight
  • Indoors fridge: this fridge is designed to be installed inside, in a nicely ventilated area
  • Class T: this fridge has been tested under the tropical climate conditions


These fridges are designed for indoor, domestic use. For outdoors usage, we recommend our Kegmaster Solstice range.

Keg King Kegerator Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the questions we get asked the most regarding our Keg King Kegerators.
Please click on one of the questions below to see the answer.

What is a Kegerator

A Kegerator, or Keg Fridge, is a fridge designed specifically to dispense your favourite beverage from various keg sizes via a drought system set up on top of the fridge. Yes, you can have a drought system at home and pour yourself icy cold drinks anytime you want in the comfort and safety of your own home.

What does FasTap mean?

FasTap means everything has been pre-assembled for you. If one of our packages mentions FasTap, it means we have done the hard work for you and you will only have to assemble the font beer tower to the fridge and the wheels under the fridge should you want to add them, that's it!.

I’ve just opened the box, what do I do now?

First, congratulate yourself on getting Keg King products. Next, follow the assembly instructions in the included manual or by scanning the QR code on your box. This will open the product page on our website where you will also find assembly instructions as a digital file How to setup your Keg King Kegerator.

How easy is it to use?

We’ve designed the FasTap range to be as user friendly as possible. If you haven’t set one up before it’s worth watching our YouTube video. Push in fittings and a pre-assembled font tower mean you can have the unit setup in about 15mins. Once setup, there isn’t anything easier than pulling the handle and having an ice cold beer whenever you like!

My tap is pouring foam, what do I do?

It is normal for the first pour to have a little more foam as the tap cools. If you’re in a warm climate and this is an issue you can pour 100ml or so and put it aside to settle. The tap will be cold now and pour a perfect beer. If you’re consistently getting too much froth, the beer may be too warm, there is an issue with the system, or the beer is over-carbonated. We have a comprehensive guide of fixing this here and also a good video guide here.

I don’t really like the look of the kegerator, does it come in different forms?

We have a range of keg fridges so suit your budget and situation. Our Super Deluxe range are commercial grade and considered the cream of the crop of Keg Fridges. Our KegMaster and KegMaster XL units are hugely popular and are the most cost effective way to get beer on tap. They are also a little quieter than commercial style fridges so great for the home. The Solstice fridge is in between these two, it can hold up to 6 kegs and is constructed of 304 stainless with a unique cassette for cooling in Aussie conditions up to 40C.

Do you have a beer tower that looks more like a bar one?

We have a range of font/tower options to suit the look you’re after. Our UltraT is a “T” shape similar to many bars, with the advantage of working well with air-cooling from a kegerator. Our modular fonts are a bit more industrial and are popular in many breweries, the also can be flooded with liquid if using with an icebank or our in house designed Thermentor King Max. We can even have towers custom made in stainless, copper, brass or gold the same as used in thousands of pubs around Australia. .

Are there any standard troubleshooting steps?

If you’re having trouble with your unit cooling, check out this guide here. If you’re having foaming issues, check here.

I like draught beer, where do I buy the keg from?

Kegs of beer can be purchased and delivered from companies like Kegs on Legs. There are also many Brew on Premises places around now where you can get a range of beers for a great price. Many breweries are now selling beer in our 10 or 20L King Keg. These are recyclable PET kegs, so you don’t need to pay a deposit. Check with your favourite local brewery if they offer these yet!

Can my kegerator be installed under a benchtop?

Mounting the fridge unit under a bar/bench is a popular option. You can then mount the font/tower on top and run the lines though, the font has a flange with 4 screw holes so it’s easy to mount. You’ll also need to seal where the lines run into the fridge, the easiest way to do this is with a Telescopic Font Adaptor.

If I install my kegerator in a cabinet, how much space do I need to leave around the fridge?

Our KegMaster and KegMaster XL dissipates heat from the sides of the unit so they need some ventilation. 100mm on the left and right is recommended but a minimum of 50mm is required. If you’re putting the unit behind a cabinet door, remember the warm air needs somewhere to rise and escape from, and cool air needs somewhere to enter down low too.

What kegerator is best suited for an alfresco, patio or outdoors area?

Regular house KegMaster Kegerators such as our Series XL work very well inside and are intended for inside use. Four outdoors use, you want to future proof yourself by installing one of our Solstice KegMasters. With a 12V DC power, it can run directly on solar panels making it the most environmentally friendly home bar on the market. Made of full stainless steel, it will look just as good built into your alfresco or patio as it will as a stand alone. For the ultimate set-up, don’t forget to add our Ultra T Font to look exactly like a bar!

Is it possible to have a bar at home?

Absolutely! Keg King was actually the first to start importing and then later start designing & manufacturing the KegMaster Series Kegerators. We have the perfect inside home bar with our Series XL KegMaster Kegerator or the perfect outdoors home bar with our Solstice KegMaster Kegerator. We don’t just manufacture kegerator and home bars, we are providing the right equipment for your ideal home set up.


How to pour icy-cold schooners at home

The easiest way to pour some icy cold schooners at home is to set up one of our inside home bar with our Series XL KegMaster Kegerator or the perfect outdoors home bar, our Solstice KegMaster Kegerator. We don’t just manufacture kegerator and home bars, we are providing the right equipment for your ideal home set up.


How do get started with pouring beer at home or at the office?

The easiest way to start pouring some beers in no time, is to install one of our inside home bars with our Series XL KegMaster Kegerator which comes with pre-assembled fonts; literally 4 screws and you’re pouring! Check out our instal video to see how easy it is to install.


I want to get into home brewing, what do I need?

Homebrewing has never been easier, all you will need is our Australian made Apollo fermenter, a gas cylinder & regulator and a keg! It’s that easy. For more information on our beginner set-up, click here.


What are the benefits of pressure fermenting?

Pressure fermenting helps reduce the production of undesirable esters in your brew which is the most common advantage for pressure fermenting. Other advantages include having beer already carbonated once fermentation is finished, doing easy oxygen free closed transfer to kegs or simply being able to use your fermenter both as a fermenting vessel and a serving vessel.

The easiest to use fermenters for new brewers are our Australian made Juniors, Chubby and the king of all, the Apollo 30L.


Where do I get my beer for my kegerator?

You can check with your local breweries otherwise in Melbourne that are quite a few breweries we work with and can recommend. If you are contacting your local breweries, we recommend to ask them for their 10L PET King Kegs.


Are you online only or can I visit the Keg King showroom?

We are not just online, we actually have a really nice showroom with our KegMaster kegerators where you can come down with your partners and family to find the perfect KegMaster for your home environment.


Do you provide quotes and calculate the freight?

We most certainly do! As experts, you can count on us to provide the perfect quote for your perfect set up in a timely manner. Additionally, we revisit our delivery options yearly in order to provide our customers with the best and most reliable freight possible.


Do you do gas refills or swaps?

Yes, we do! We have a large pool of gas cylinders pre-filled so you can do a cylinder swap in under 2 minutes.


Are you able to install my kegerator? 

At this stage we are not offering KegMaster Kegerator installs however we have it made it incredibly easy to install them; our Series XL KegMaster Kegerator comes with pre-assembled fonts and taps, literally 4 screws and you’re ready to pour these icy cold schooners! Check out our instal video to see how easy it is to install.



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