Thermentor King Max - Compact High Power Temp Control

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Thermentor King Max - Compact High Power Temperature Control System

Want to ferment with heating and cooling but don't have room for a fermention chamber or converted fridge?

Thermentor King will provide you with the accurate temperature you require to get your fermentation perfect every batch.

Thermentor King Max is a larger, more powerful and efficient version of our popular Thermentor King.

Utilising an advanced cryo-cooler/heat pump for highly efficient heating and cooling.

Users will get accurate heating or cooling automatically controlled from the Thermentor King Max.


To operate the Thermentor King Max:

First, set up your fermenter with our Stainless Steel Cooling/Heating Coils (not included).

Hook up the Thermentor King Max Temperature Control System.

Set the temperature between -5C and 40C (23F – 104F)

Use a recommended glycol mix ratio of 5%

Using a jacket to insulate your fermenter will provide you with efficient chilling at the end of fermentation to achieve clearer beer.



Thementor King Max has a very low noise level when in operation.

Each Thermentor King Max comes with our 6amp 12v power supply and cord.


Length 21.5cm
Width 36.5 cm
Height 40 cm

Length 21.5cm
Width 36.5 cm
Height 40 cm

What can the Thermentor King Max heat or cool?

The TK Max was designed to heat and cool 30-60 litres of wort inside a proper insulated jacket such as we offer for our 30 and 60 litre fermenters (in PET and stainless steel).

Can I use the Thermentor King Max with other brands' fermenters and jackets?
Neoprene jackets that do not fully enclose the fermenter are not recommended. To ferment in a vessel without a fully enclosed, thick jacket, you would need a much more powerful chiller to overcome the heat ingress, this of course would take a lot more power and be inefficient. It is important for the jacket to be well sealed at the bottom as cold air will otherwise tend to leak out and cause warmer air to be dragged in elsewhere like on the top.

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