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Nugget Hop Pellets 100G


Introducing Nugget hops, the perfect addition to your homebrewing arsenal. Known for their distinctive bitterness and herbal aroma, Nugget hops are a versatile choice for a variety of beer styles. Whether you're brewing a hop-forward IPA, a robust stout, or a refreshing pale ale, these hops will add depth and character to your brew. With their high alpha acid content, they provide a clean, bitter bite that balances the sweetness of malt. Experience the exceptional quality and flavor of Nugget hops in your next homebrewing adventure. Elevate your brews to new heights with the bold and captivating essence of Nugget hops.

Nugget Hop Pellets 100g

Introducing Nugget hops, a true gem in the world of homebrewing. Known for their unique combination of bittering and aromatic properties, Nugget hops offer a multitude of possibilities for crafting exceptional beers.

With a high alpha acid content ranging from 11% to 15%, Nugget hops provide a robust and clean bitterness that is perfect for balancing the sweetness of malt in a wide range of beer styles. This makes them particularly well-suited for hop-forward brews such as IPAs, pale ales, and American amber ales.

Beyond their bittering capabilities, Nugget hops also offer a delightful herbal and spicy aroma. The earthy and resinous notes complement and enhance the overall flavor profile of your brew. Whether you're aiming for a traditional English-style bitter or a more experimental hop showcase, Nugget hops will contribute a layer of complexity and character to your creations.

But the versatility of Nugget hops doesn't stop there. These hops also lend themselves well to darker beer styles such as stouts, porters, and brown ales. Their herbal and spicy characteristics can add a touch of intrigue to these malt-forward brews, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

When it comes to brewing with Nugget hops, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can use them as a bittering hop during the boil, adding them early in the process to achieve a solid foundation of bitterness. Additionally, their aromatic qualities shine when used as a late addition or dry hop, infusing your beer with enticing aromas that tantalize the senses.

Whether you're an experienced homebrewer or just starting out, Nugget hops are a must-have ingredient in your brewing repertoire. Their reliable bitterness, distinct aroma, and broad range of applications make them an excellent choice for any beer style. Discover the versatility and flavor potential of Nugget hops and elevate your homebrewing to new heights.

Alpha Acid (AA) 13%

Purpose: Dual Purpose

Aroma: herbal, citrus, ginger, pineapple, geranium, lychee, herbal, earthy & coconut.

Beer styles: Ale, Stout, Barleywine, Saison, Biere de Garde & IPA.

Substitutions: Magnum, Columbus.

Recommended Fermenter

Research has shown that in order to extract the most flavour from hops and yeast, and to minimise contact with oxygen, pressure fermenters are the best fermenters for any style of beer which is why the manufacturer recommends to use one of the below fermenters:

Recipe Suggestions

Looking for inspiration? Click on the links below to take a look at our All Grain recipe kits, Kit & Kilo recipe kits and Fresh Wort Kits.

Explore our hops options

Research has shown that in order to extract the most flavour from hops, and to minimise contact with oxygen, pressure fermenters are the recommended fermenters for any style. If you want to produce the best beer possible, please take a look at our Australian Made PET Fermenters.

Hops Utilisation Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the questions we get asked the most regarding our hops.
Please click on one of the questions below to see the answer.

What are hops?

Hops are the female flowers of the hop plant (Humulus lupulus). They are used in brewing to add bitterness, flavor, and aroma to beer.

How do I use hops in brewing?

Hops can be used at different stages of the brewing process. They can be added during the boil to impart bitterness, added toward the end of the boil for flavor and aroma, and used for dry hopping during fermentation to enhance aroma.

How much hops should I use in my beer?

The amount of hops to use depends on various factors such as the beer style, desired bitterness, and hop characteristics. Recipes typically specify the amount of hops to use, but you can also experiment and adjust according to your taste preferences.

How do I measure hops?

Hops are typically measured in weight, usually in grams or ounces. A digital scale is a useful tool for accurately measuring hops for your brew.

Can I use whole hops or pellet hops?

Yes, you can use either whole hops or pellet hops. Pellet hops are more commonly used due to their ease of use and better storage stability. They also tend to have higher utilization rates than whole hops.

How long should I boil hops?

The boiling time for hops can vary depending on the recipe and desired characteristics. Bittering hops are usually boiled for about 60 minutes to extract bitterness, while aroma hops are added during the last 5-15 minutes of the boil to preserve their delicate aromas.

What is dry hopping?

Dry hopping involves adding hops directly to the fermenter during or after fermentation. This technique enhances the aroma of the beer without contributing much bitterness. Dry hopping is typically done for several days to a week.

How are Keg King hops packed & stored?

All our hops are vacuum packed in foil bags to eliminate UV and keep oxygen exposure to a minimin. They are always stored refigerated until they are shipped to you.

How should I store hops?

Hops should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place to preserve their freshness and flavors. It is recommended to store hops in an airtight container or vacuum-sealed bag in the freezer for long-term storage.

Can I use different hop varieties in the same beer?

Absolutely! Mixing different hop varieties can create complex and unique flavor profiles in your beer. Experimenting with different combinations can be a fun way to explore the world of hops and create your own signature brews.
Remember, hops play a crucial role in beer brewing, and understanding how to use them effectively can greatly enhance your brewing experience. Don't be afraid to experiment and discover the diverse flavors and aromas that hops can bring to your homebrews.

What other products do I need?

If you are brewing with all grain, you might need a hop spider, hop bomb or hop tube; alternatively, hop socks and BIAB bags are also useful for Kit&Kilo, Fresh Wort Kit tuning and All Grain brewing. All Grain Brewing equipment can be found here and the best fermentation equipment on the market, can be found here.

I have no idea what to do with hops, do you have any recommendations?

As experts, we are here to support you. Follow this link for already made FRESH WORT KITS, KIT&KILO recipes or ALL GRAIN RECIPES designed by our team of experts that have a combined experience of over 70 years of brewing including multiple Gold Winning medals at official BJCP sanctioned events and VicBrew.
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