Cleaning Clean-In-Place (CIP) Upgrade Kit For Apollo 30L, 60L Unitanks


CIP Kit For Fermenter King

A simple solution for cleaning without scrubbing.

This kit includes:

-          12V Pump (6810)

-          12V Power Pack (8050-2)

-          Stainless ½ BSP’’ Sprayball (9162-2)

-          3 x Hose Barb 13mm x ½ BSP Female (5717)

-          3 x 5/8 Silicone Washers (RET9729)

-          1.7 metres of heavy duty silicone tubing (5496)

-          Hose Adaptor (9364)

-          O-ring for the hose adaptor (9166-1)


Installation and Use

Remove the plunger valve from the gen 3 tank and attach to the sprayball onto the male thread located at the bottom of the gen 3 lid.

Insert the washers into the hose barbs and attach the hose barbs onto the pump ports. The remaining hose barb goes onto the top of the gen 3 lid.

Remove the collection bottle from the tank and screw on the hose adaptor.

Cut off 30cm of silicone tubing to connect the hose adaptor to the inlet of the pump, which is the horizontal port. The remaining length of tubing connects the pump outlet to the hose barb on the gen 3 lid.

Fill up the tank with at least 2 litres of solution before turning on the pump. For time cycles, we recommend:

  • 20 – 30 minutes for cleaning
  • 5 – 10  minutes for rinsing
  • 5 – 10 minutes for sanitising

For even better cutting and cleaning action from your sprayball, you can upgrade to a more powerful pump with a higher flow rate.

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