Joe White - Wheat Malt (per kg)

Joe White - Wheat Malt (per kg)
Wheat malt is very different to barley malt, having a low colour, no husk and a higher protein. The advantage of the higher protein is that it creates a fuller bodied beer with good foam stability. Small amounts of wheat malt can be added to any beer to increase the head retention without changing the flavour. EBC 4.1
Base malts are malts that can be used up to 100% in your grist as opposed to specialty malt which can only be used at a smaller percentage.
Below are some options for alternative malts:
Similar Wheat Malts (base malts) EBC
Joe White Wheat Malt 3.5-5
Pale Wheat - Weyermann 3-5
Torrified Wheat - Briess 2-3
Gladfield Wheat Malt 3.2-6
Voyager Winter Wheat 4-7
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