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Reflux Still All Copper New Design

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Reflux Still - All Copper - New Design

Reflux Still All Copper New Design

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If you’re looking to collect a pure spirit of 92% fast, then the Reflux Column Still is the right column for you.

Our Reflux Column is designed for easy use, manufactured from quality, long lasting copper and stainless steel combined with sanitary silver solder joins.

These Reflux Columns integrate well with any boiler containing a condensing lid with a 47mm hole.

Complete with stainless steel universal connectors that can be used to connect coolant water lines with either garden hose fittings, or ball lock disconnects. If using ball lock disconnects, the poppet valve can be removed for a faster flow rate if required.

The included stainless needle valve allows for precise control over the reflux rate.

Our reflux still temp probe port is situated in the perfect location to accurately monitor your distillation temperatures with the included digital thermometer. The thermometer features USB-C charging and an alarm function so you can be alerted when the distillation run is completed.

The pure, solid copper construction including condenser and packing assists in driving sulphur out of the hot spirit in contact with the interior through catalytic conversion, resulting in higher quality spirit with fewer off flavours.

Using our Reflux Still, distillers should harvest 3L of 92% alcohol from a 25L wash using 6kg of sugar or approximately 3.8L if using 8kg of sugar.

Using a pump to recirculate your cooling water from a tank source is a great way to get water savings when using any still. Ensure your pump has a head height of 30m or 3000L/hour.

Super easy operation:


Mount the Reflux Still to the 47mm condensing lid hole on your boiler.  


Insert the included digital thermometer into the Pot Still’s temp probe port.


Simply hook your condenser up to a coolant source that can provide 1.5 litres per minute of cooling water.


Get our Reflux Still to harvest the efficient, quality results with every distillation run.

What is included:

1 Still head

1 Needle valve

1 Thermometer

2 Compression fittings

1 collection tip

Does not include:


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