Picnic Keg Kit

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10L King Keg Ball Lock PET Plastic Keg
Bronco Picnic Tap Dispensing Kit
Sodastream Cylinder Adapter
Liquid To Liquid Transfer Disconnect Package
Spundy - Compact Spunding Valve
Flow Control Tap Ultratap Twist
MFL Tap Shank Adaptor
Stainless Ball Lock Disconnect MFL (Black/Liquid)
MFL Gas Premium Ball Lock Disconnect (Grey)
CO2 Gas Cylinders 0.9 kg (Full)

The 10L PET King Kegs are perfect for taking to the park for a picnic or BBQ or even for making up a keg of your favourite pre-mix/cocktail. This kit gives you all the bits and peices needed to be able to dispense whereever you are. 

Included in this budget kit is a picnic/bronco tap, a mini regulator and sodastream cylinder adapter. You’ll need to BYO SodaStream CO2 cylinder. If you’d like to change anything in the kit, or grab more kegs just change the quantities above. Click here to checkout what we recommend for the premium kit!

Why not mix up a keg of your favourite pre-mix/cocktail for that event, or to have on tap in your Keg Master? Gin and tonic, Bundy & Coke, Vodka & Lemonade… let your imagination go wild! Check out the table below for easy ratios to fill a 10L keg.

Desired ABV (%) ml of 38% ABV Spirit Litres non Alcoholic mixer
2.7% 700ml 9.2L
5.4% 1400ml 8.5L


Alternatively use the optional Liquid to Liquid Transfer Package to transfer from another ball lock keg, using a Spundy to counter pressure fill. You can also fill from a commercial keg by coming out of the liquid line and into the liquid post of the King Keg.

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