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Ph Meter

At last, a pH meter meter under $60 that works.

Water Resistant Design 
Made to be water resistant and splashproof.

Digital Triple Point Calibration
The calibration is completely digital and can be done in 60 seconds.  No calibration screws that you need to turn or anything like that.  Just put the pH meter into the buffer solution that comes included and then hit the calibration button. 

Replaceable Electrode
Brewing puts a lot of stress on the electrodes, especially if you are testing hot wort directly from your mash tun.  This pH meter has a replaceable electrode so you can just remove it and put on a new one.

Includes Buffer Solution
Beverage Doctor includes a 3 pack of buffer solution.  Just add water, store in a glass jar and the buffer solution will last a long time if uncontaminated.

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
This additional feature includesa small temp probe at the end so the meter can compensate for high or low temperatures.  No need to wait for your wort sample to cool down to 20C!

Water Proof Cap
If your pH meter is left with a dry probe the KCL solution evapourates through the glass membrane and will significantly affect your results.  The cap on this pH meter has an o-ring to make it watertight. To keep your electrode in best possible solution we recommend you clean with water then store in KCL storage solution inside the cap then push the cap on tight so it seals.  This will keep readings accurate and ensure long term use.

Instruction Manual Available HERE

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