Hydrom Wifi & Bluetooth Hydrometer Thermometer

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Hydrom Wifi & Bluetooth Hydrometer Thermometer - The simplest way to track fermentation

Hydrom Wifi And Bluetooth Hydro-/Thermometer

Are You Ready for 21st Century Brewing?

Product Description

Hydrom Wifi & Bluetooth Hydrometer Thermometer


Get the German Designed solution for accurate, easy monitoring of your fermentations!


The Hydrom is a smart hydrometer for measuring the density of the liquid.


To achive this, you put the calibrated Hydrom in the liquid and can calculate the buoyancy and density of the liquid by the position of the device in space.

With these measured values, the device automatically calculates the Plato or SG value, which is used, for example, for brewing beer.

This new measuring instrument combines the advantages of all free-floating hydrometers on the market.

It sends the measurement data via Bluetooth or wifi, is a fully assembled product and does not require you to register your device in the cloud!


No extra hardware is required to send the readings to any of the many compatible cloud services.

Just a wifi router if you want tor track your fermentations remotely and that's it!



The Hydrom can be used standalone as an accestyle="font-family: Gotham Rounded Book"ss point or as a client in an existing network.

The Hydrom can be used standalone as an access point or as a client in an existing network. In addition, the Hydrom can be used as a Bluetooth transmitter.

This function is enabled by default to ensure a quick start.




UUID, Specific Gravity and Temperature are sent via ibeacon to end devices.

There is no obligation to use cloud services.

The device can be used locally via MQTT, GenericTCP, Bluetooth, etc.



No Cloud Constraint 

There is no obligation to use cloud services. The device can be used locally via MQTT, GenericTCP, Bluetooth ect.




Multible Cloud-Services 

All relevant cloud services can be connected.

Many different cloud systems can be connected to provide recipes or virtualizations.

Examples are Ubidots, Brewblox, Brewfather ect..




Calibration Wizard 

The wizard supports calibration when it is necessary.

Instead of Excel lists, you can now use a calibration tool that is understandable for everyone and that guides you step by step in an easy to understand manual.



Update over Web

New updates can be imported via the web interface.

Firmware can be easily uploaded and installed via the web frontend.

This way, the device always stays up to date and can use the latest features.



Backup/Restore Settings

The settings can be saved and restored.


Ultra low Power Consumption

By using the ESP32, power saving algorithms and original measuring sensors, the power consumption was drastically reduced.

By using the latest generation of microcontrollers, power-saving algorithms and original measurement sensors, and smart interconnection, power consumption has been drastically reduced.


Product Specifications

Rechargable Battery: Yes

Charging Port: USB-C

Connectivity: Bluetooth,Wifi

Temperatureaccuracy: +-0,5°C

Temperature-Range: -10°C - +60°C

Tilt-Range: 0,990 - 1,120 SP

Length: 16 cm
Diameter: 5,2 cm
Weight: 183 g

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