Fermentasaurus - Hydro Test Adaptor

Fermentasaurus - Hydro Test Adaptor

As the Fermentasaurus containers are a pressure vessel thus they require periodic testing. We recommend that you pressure test the Fermentasaurus containers once every 2 years if you want to keep using the fermenter under pressure. Alternatively you can avoid pressure testing if you just want to replace the tank with a new tank and you can just order part number 9142 or RET7459.

This fitting allows you to hydrostatically pressure test the fermentasaurus tank using a keg and regulator.  First fill the fermentasaurus to the brim with tap water. This fitting will screw into the pressure relief valve socket on the pressure lid for the fermentersaurus. You would then connect a swivel nut and barb to this fitting, connected to the luqid out of a keg full of water. You can then connect your regulator to the gas in on the keg and pressurises the system to the test pressrure.

This fitting can also be used to connect a blow off tube so similar to the fermentasaurus (requires part 5281 or 6004). As there is no pressure relief valve when this is fitted it is very important to ensure the vessel isn't pressurised above the working pressure of 35 psi except when hydrostatically testing.

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