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This double tap font kit lets you attach your own taps and couplers to a stainless steel font with pre-assembled lines and shanks. It’s a quick and easy way to set up your keg system for home or hospitality with your choice of UltraTaps or Intertaps.

This font kit comes included with pre-assembled lines and shanks so you can just attach your desired taps, coupler or disconnects. It makes it quick and easy to setup your keg system for home or hospitality. It includes:


  • Stainless steel "I" style font with two 22mm holes
  •  2x pre-fitted stainless steel short shanks with collars to suit common beer taps
  • Approximately 2m of 4mm ID beer line pre-attached to each shank
  • Rubber gasket for under the font
  • Tap Tool for easy installation of your chosen taps
  • Screws and nuts to attach to suitable bench or kegerator
  • Additional line to attach from the gas regulator to the kegs


We also sell these included with stainless steel UltraTaps and ball lock disconnects, but this option is the way to go if you've chosen to use gold, brass, or black UltraTaps or Flow Master Intertaps.

With this font kit, you can customize your beer dispensing system to your liking and enjoy your brews with ease and style.

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