Low Profile Plastic Coupler A Type With Low Profile Push In Fitting

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Also known as German slider To fit Tooheys, Coopers, XXXX kegs etc. These are the lowest profiled couplers in the world, with a simple twist to them, anyone can use!

Also known as German slider To fit Tooheys, Coopers, XXXX kegs etc.

Finally, an A-Type coupler solution that's designed to take both the cost and the height out of standard A-type couplings.

Utilising high strength, food safe materials, our low profile A-Type couplers install onto kegs just like a normal slide on A-type coupling.

Once in place, the coupler can be engaged by twisting the dial clockwise to depress the valve in the keg spear. 

Twist the dial counter-clockwise to disengage the coupler from the spear.

Our low profile coupler includes a high quality push-in fiting for attaching your gas input line with 5/16 (8mm OD) tubing.

This variety of low profile A-type coupler also includes a 5/8 Female to 5/16 push-in (8mm OD) push-in fitting on the liquid output.

A non return valve is included in the liquid output port.

- plastic coupler

- push in fitting for the liquid line



Height increased when fully engaged. (50mm)

Diameter. 78mm


PP, PA, PC, 



Height increased when fully engaged. (50mm)

Diameter. 78mm


PP, PA, PC, 

Keg Couplers FAQ

Below you will find the questions we get asked the most regarding our keg couplers.
Please click on one of the questions below to see the answer.

What is a keg coupler?

A keg coupler is a critical component of a draft beer system used to connect the keg to the beer dispensing system. It allows for the controlled release of beer from the keg into the draft lines.

How does a keg coupler work?

A keg coupler typically has a few key parts, including a handle, probe, and check valves. When you press down on the handle and turn it, the probe punctures the keg's valve, allowing beer to flow into the beer lines while ensuring that gas (usually CO2 or nitrogen) enters the keg to maintain pressure.

Are keg couplers universal, or do they vary by keg type? 

Keg couplers are not universal; they come in various types to match different keg styles. The most common types are Sankey D, Sankey S, and Sankey A. Each type corresponds to a specific keg, such as American D system kegs or European S system kegs. It's crucial to use the right coupler for your keg.

How do I choose the right keg coupler for my needs?

To select the right keg coupler, first, determine the type of kegs you'll be working with (e.g., American or European). Then, match the coupler type to your kegs. Consider the gas connection as well, as some systems use different gases like CO2 or nitrogen.

Can I use a plastic keg coupler instead of a metal one?

Yes, plastic keg couplers are suitable for certain applications, such as homebrewing or situations where a lightweight and affordable option is preferred. However, metal couplers are more durable and commonly used in commercial settings.

How do I clean and maintain a keg coupler?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure your keg coupler functions correctly. Disassemble it, clean all parts thoroughly with a beer line cleaner, and inspect for wear or damage. Lubricate moving parts with food-grade lubricant before reassembling.

Can I repair a damaged keg coupler?

Some minor issues with keg couplers can be repaired, such as replacing seals or gaskets. However, significant damage or wear may require replacing the entire coupler for safety and functionality.

Are there special considerations for storing keg couplers when not in use?

Store keg couplers in a clean and dry place to prevent contamination. Keep them properly assembled or disassembled, depending on your preference, and store them with the gas and beer lines disconnected.

Where can I purchase keg couplers and related equipment?

Keg couplers and draft beer equipment are available at homebrew supply stores, online retailers, and some specialty beverage equipment shops.

Can I use the same keg coupler for different beer styles?

While it's possible to use the same keg coupler for different beer styles, it's best to have dedicated couplers for each style to prevent flavor cross-contamination and maintain beer quality.

What are the advantages of using Keg King's plastic keg couplers?

Keg King's plastic keg couplers are known for their unique features and benefits. They are lightweight, affordable, and designed for homebrewers and those looking for cost-effective options. These couplers are also easy to clean and maintain. They offer a great alternative for certain applications, but it's important to ensure compatibility with your specific kegs and gas requirements.

Remember that proper installation, maintenance, and handling of keg couplers are essential to ensure the freshness and quality of the beer being served. If you have specific questions or need assistance, consult with a professional in the field of draft beer systems or beverage dispensing equipment.



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