Stainless Tee Type Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

Stainless Tee Type Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
This counter pressure filler allows you to fill bottles from a carbonated keg with minimal foaming and CO2 loss. This prevents sediment in the bottle from bottle conditioning and reduces oxygen exposure, increasing the shelf life of the bottled beer. The filler includes a three way valve at the top where you can connect your CO2 line from the regulator and a liquid line from the keg. Before filling bottles esure the beer is below 2 deg Celsius. You should have the pressure set on your regulator slightly above the equilibrium pressure of the beer when using the counter pressure filler (typically about 12-14psi). First you turn the three way valve to the CO2 line to pressurise and create a blanket of CO2 in the base of the bottle to prevent O2 exposure to the beer. You can open the release valve for a couple of seconds to help purge air from the bottle if desired. Once the bottle is pressurized you can change the valve to the liquid side which will allow the beer to flow into the bottle from the dip tube. You can then open the release valve slowly on the side of the filler to allow the beer to fill to the top. Turn the release and three way valves off, remove the filler and cap the bottle. Full Stainless construction with a silicone bung to seal to the bottle neck. The filler has 7mm barbs on the inlets and release valve to suit our 5mm & 6mm ID lines, the dip tube is 22cm and bung will suit bottles with an internal neck diameter between 14 - 20mm. Requires lines, clamps, gas splitter and disconnects/coupler to suit the kegs you are using.
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