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UltraT Fonts from Keg King are the perfect way to give your kegerator or bar service area sleek, professional looking visual appeal that’s affordable and long lasting.

Constructed from 304 stainless steel for clean, easy to maintain font surfaces, UltraT Fonts come in Double, Triple and Quadruple tap varieties.

With UltraT Fonts, the taps align straight across the top of the T bar, so there is no crowding as is common on standard fonts, and no need to use wrap around drip trays at the font base.

UltraT Fonts Sold as "FONT ONLY" are perfect for commercial installations or long draw draught systems.

Font only Ultra T Fonts require the addition of KingLok Fittings that provide fast and simple tap maintenance without the need to uncouple your kegs so you can mount any taps with standard 1 1/8 - 18UNEF tap threading.

The Equipment Required to Attach KingLok Fittings to your FONT ONLY UltraT Font per tap are:

12m Roll of 5mm ID Beverage line: 3.5m to 5m per tap (5207P12)

Stepless Clamps 9.5mm (RET0764)

6mm Angle barbtails (7384)

10pack 5/8 Silicone Washer Seal (RET9729P10)

Font Adaptors Kinglok Female to 5/8 Male (8978)

KingLok Male x Tapshank adaptors (8398)

*Please Note:  FONT ONLY Ultra T Fonts are not designed to work with standard SS short shanks with nut tail and barb.

if you're looking for a shank based UltraT Font to mount on top of your  'home kegerator' system or bar counter, our highly popular pre-assembled UltraT FasTap variety font packages are shank based and provide everything you need to get up to four kegs on tap PLUS gas lines and disconnects!

You’ll love the way your font array looks when you’re pouring from UltraT Fonts from Keg King.

Designed in Australia.

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