Keg Dispensing System - A Type Coupler + Intertap

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A Type Party Pump with a Intertap, a reliable and easy-to-use accessory for any party or event. The pump is made from quality stainless steel and features a genuine stainless Intertap allowing you to take the pub experience anywhere.

A-Type variety kegs are commonly associated with Independent Craft Breweries but are also utilised by Tooheys, Coopers, Lion Co and XXXX for their kegs.

Party pump kits are perfect for dispensing the occasional keg at a party, picnic, or event. Not needing electricity or CO2 to dispense makes them affordable and reliable. Due to air being pumped into the keg, the beer should be consumed within 24 hours. Simply chill the keg in ice, attach the party pump and start pouring.


1.       Ensure your keg is cold and has had time to settle after transport. A warm 50L keg can take over 24 hours to cool down.

2.       Attach the pump to the gas inlet on the side of the coupler, ensuring that the one-way check (“duckbill”) valve/seal is in place between the coupler and pump.

3.       Thread the low-profile elbow bend onto the top of the coupler and the threaded long shank onto the stainless elbow bend. Ensure the seal is in place between both.

4.       Position the Intertap in the correct orientation, then tighten the collar on the shank to secure the tap.

5.       Connect the coupler to the keg by either siding onto the spear (A-type) or twisting to lock (D-type) and pushing the handle down to engage the coupler.

6.       Release excess pressure in the keg by slowly unscrewing the pump on the side of the coupler until you hear a hiss, allow most of the pressure to release. Re-tighten the pump to the coupler.

7.       Start pouring beer from the Intertap, the first couple of glasses will often be very foamy while the system cools down and settles.

8.       Enjoy beer on tap! As the unit starts to pour too slow, just give it a couple of pumps. Do not over pressurise by pumping more than required. It should take roughly 10 seconds to fill a glass.

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