Helix Coil 1m


Helix Coil 1m

These stainless steel helixes are one meter long and can be applied in multiple brewing applications. Generally, the helix can used as a replacement for a false bottom in a mash tun. Brewers also use the helix as a replacement for the bazooka screen supplied with the Keg King Guten Brewery System where it works great as a pick up tube for the bottom of the kettle in the 40L and 50L brewery systems.


The helix attaches to the brewery system’s ball valve with either a half inch stainless steel elbow bend or a half inch stainless steel T-piece where it will thread directly into the female threading of the fittings. If using the elbow bend, we recommend brewers also attach a cap to the open end on the opposite side of the ball valve. Some brewers choose cap the open end of the helix with the bazooka screen supplied with the brewery system. The helix will work to filter trub and particulate matter from the kettle while also helping to pick up wort from just underneath the ball valve opening. The helix will not interfere with recirculation during the mash in a Keg King Guten Brewery System because the intake port for the pump is located inside the circumference of the helix when attached to the ball valve properly.

Length: 100cm

Please note this is just the spiral helix part, you will also need something to attach to each end such as a tee piece or elbow and plug.

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