Growler Drafto Kit


Growler Drafto Kit

Please note these WILL NOW WORK WITH THE GROWLERS WE CURRENTLY SELL! There is now an additional wire frame piece included with the Drafto Kit that can be used to attach the it to the newer Growlers.

These Drafto kits will work with the older growlers with two hex key grub screws to secure the collar to the growler and with the current growlers!

The Drafto Kit is a freaking awesome addition to your existing Ultimate Growler.

If you really love your beer you will dispence it using the Drafto Kit. No more growlers going flat. This Drafto Kit keeps your beer fresh for months just like it's poured straight from the keg.

Simply remove the cap from your Ultimate Growler and replace with the Drafto Kit and dispence fresh beer every time.

PLEASE NOTE: Growler, CO2 charger/regulator and cartridge are not included. We recommend use of this product with the Premium Regulated CO2 Charger

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