Coopers Light Malt Extract

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Coopers Light Malt Extract

When Thomas Cooper wasn't busy exploring the outer realms of his incredible beard, he was making one of Australia's best and most beloved range of beers that are still brewed to his high standards to this day. 

This Thomas Coopers Light Malt Extract is a high quality, 100% malted barley extract for brews where a lighter colour and balanced malt chararacter is preferred. Use as an adjuct with other extract kits or as a base to create your own recipes that you can combine with hops and yeast of your own selection. Perfect for creating that signature brew that will thrill others and can't be had anywhere else but your place.   

This extract was produced with a unique low temperature evaporation method that provides maximum natural flavours to shine through without carmelised flavours or extract 'twang'. The process also presents accurate, consitent colour characteristics every batch.

Remember, BE LIKE THOMAS! Make your own at home, push the boundaries of flavour and brew something iconic that will last the test of time. Also, if you can, grow a big, bushy beard!

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