CIP Washer Kit - 24V

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You won't have to scrub or manually clean your fermenter vessels when you use our new 24V powerful CIP Kit!

CIP (Clean in Place) has been used extensively in the food and beverage industry for cleaning and sanitation.

It is preferred over manual cleaning due to reduced water consumption and physical labour.

This CIP Washer Kit is essentially a scaled down version, allowing homebrewers to emulate what the big boys are doing in a commercial brewery.

The 24V CIP Washer Kit is compatible for all Fermentasaurus, Fermzilla and Fermenter King PET unitanks.

To use this on the Fermentasaurus, the gen 3 upgrade (9136-UP) will need to be purchased separately.

For the Fermzilla, the Fermenter King 60L lid (9555-1) is required with the alternate FZ 0-Ring Seal

  • The 24v CIP Kit Parts List:
  • 24V4A Power Pack
  • 2x Hose Barb 13mm x 1/2 BSP Female
  • Stainless Steel Sprayball 1/2 BSP Female
  • 3x 5/8 silicone washers
  • 1.7metres silicone tubing
  • 24V Pump with 2300 L/h - Max Head 16m - Temp Range -30C to 100C
  • 15L Plastic bucket

Never run the pump dry as this will damage the pump motor.
Do not run the CIP kit in enclosed areas with carpeted or wooden flooring.
Chemical spills may damage certain floors so it is best to operate either on concrete or outside.
For PET tanks, do not run the CIP at temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius.
PET is a soft plastic and will deform at high temperatures.
Use homebrew-grade cleaning chemicals and follow the dosage rates as instructed.
For PET tanks, do not use caustic soda as this will degrade the PET material.

Manual Available HERE

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