Keg King Six Tap Modular Font

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Six Tap Modular Font 

Bridging or Soccer Goal Font Style. 

This set up is based on 2inch Stainless Steel Tri-Clover parts, seals and clamps. All the taps are mounted in our Kinglok fittings. This set up comes complete with our Stainless Steel ULTRATAP faucets with handles. 

Flexible Tri-Clover design. Professional visual impact. 

2x 2-inch Tri-Clover Stand Pipes

2x 2-inch 90 degree Elbow Bends

6x 2-inch Tri-Clover Extensions x 3/4 inch

6x Kinglock x 3/4 inch male

6x Kinglock Tap Adaptors

6x SL6 Washers

6x Elbow Barb 6mm

9x 2-inch Tri-Clover Double Beaded Silicone Seals

9x 2-inch Tri-Clover Clamps

6x Ultratap Faucets

2x Triple Line Sets

6x Premium Liquid Disconnect Black

6x Premium Gas Disconnect Grey

Instruction Diagram Available HERE

PLEASE NOTE:  The 3/4inch Male threading on the KingLok fitting contains a black silcone o-ring at the top of the threads. This o-ring DOES NOT need to seal up against the top of the 3/4inch female modular font port. The o-ring will normally sit slightly above because of the Kinglok fitting compressing against the SL6 washer. This is normal. If you find the o-ring visually displeasing you can remove it from the Kinglok fitting. 

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