Keg Mate - Ultimate Portable Keg Tap System-A & D Type Couplers

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You’ve got a keg and you’ve got thirsty guests. 


The last thing you want is an old fashioned hand pump keg and guests digging through the keg's ice bath looking for the plastic picnic tap on a hose just so they can fill their cup. That's too much work AND it's messy.


You want something that's tidy, easy to operate,  and serves using CO2 so the keg doesn’t go stale.


You know what you need?


You need Keg Mate!


Keg Mate is the Australian designed product that combines all the tap service equipment on one simple to use part that’s easy to set up and start pouring. It’s genius!


Here’s how to do it:

1. Simply attach a small SodaStream or similar type C02 cylinder available from supermarkets and service stations.

2. Attach the coupler at the base of the Keg Mate unit to the keg


3. Pull the release valve on the coupler to release the keg’s headspace pressure, then set the Keg Mate’s mini gas regulator to 7-10psi

4. Pour the beer from the Keg Mate’s UltraTap Twist Flow Control Faucet. You can adjust the flow speed by simply twisting the tap handle.


Now you’re serving kegged beverages like pro where ever you want thanks to Keg Mate’s portable design.


Drinking kegged beverages is cheaper and creates far less waste than pre-packaged drinks. The CO2 in the small cylinder is enough to serve approximately two 50 Litre kegs!


Beer, sparkling wines, ciders, premixed cocktails, kombucha, hard seltzer and more are all able to be served with Keg Mate. Just check what type of keg your beverage of choice is packaged in to find out what type of coupler to use with your Keg Mate system.


A-Type = Most Craft Beers and Pre-mixed cocktails
D-Type = Most Commercial Beers and some pre-mixed beverages
S-Type = Some Imported Beers


Tap your kegs with Keg Mate, the tidy way to make your social gatherings memorable.

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