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In recent years fermenting under pressure has helped home brewers to make better products in less time. Keg King pioneered the use of low cost PET Fermenters such as the Fermentasaurus which were rebranded to Fermenter Kings and offered exceptionally ease of use and more. Buying such an economical product was often marred by the expense of a spunding valve so the need for a low cost spunding valve was evident. There were things like diaphragm valves used with tube and disconnects but it was all messy and not real cheap. The answer was to basically make a disconnect with a gauge and spring loaded adjustable valve at a price that did not break the bank. So the idea of the Spundy was born. Whilst working on a prototype we realised that we could also make the internals of the valve body with a thread to fit the low cost PRVs used for various purposes on Kegs and Fermenters. By producing a 10 and a 15 psi PRV the Spundy could function like a preset release valve. So we made a blue one at 10 psi for ales and a purple 15 psi unit for lagers. Now the home brewer could start his brew and not worry about adjusting it but just leave the unit to do its job.


Now brewers have found other uses for this low cost device such as liquid to liquid transfers and more. When people buy a fermenter its not a lot of money to add something that makes their life easier. The Spundy is the pressure brewer’s friend and if you ever lose it or run over it with the car then its not the end of the world.







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