Low Profile Liquid Disconnect MFL (Black)

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Liquid (Black) Low Profile Disconnect With MFL Threads

Liquid (Black) Low Profile Disconnect With MFL Threads


Our NEW low profile ball lock disconnects now come in MFL variety for use with FFL equpment like swivel nuts and barbs or push-in connections.

Low profile disconnects are a compact and reliable way of connecting liquid and gas tubing in your ball lock draft systems 


The Shorter Height Means:
You can save space in cramped kegerator systems

You can stack small kegs on top of each other 

You can organise your gas and beverage lines easier from the 90° angle of the connection on the disconnects.


MFL Variety Disconnects Let You Decide What To Connect!

Our NEW MFL variety low profile disconnects let you choose to fasten your beer/gas lines with FFL equipment. 

Users can select the type of connection they prefer and can switch if they ever decide to change their liquid or gas line connections from swivel nuts and barbs to push-in fittings.


Low Profile Disconnects

The disconnects are constructed of high impact plastic with a 90° angle for the beer/gas line connection.

At just 4cm tall, our low profile disconnects stand just 2cm off the keg when attached to your ball lock posts.  

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