Coopers Irish Stout Extract

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Coopers Irish Stout

When Stout was first introduced to beer drinkers in the late 1600's, it was generally referred to as Porter and the stronger of these beers brewed in the early 1700's became known as Stout Porter or eventually just Stout.

Stout takes a mastery of malting and brewing processes to produce the legenary black beer that is recognised across the globe. Some of the finest varieties of Stout were produced in Ireland and still are brewed in the traditional way there today.

Coopers Irish Stout will help you to recreate this classic, iconic beer full of character and roasted malt flavours. The inky black colour will lure you in and the creamy, pillowy tan head will crown it off with perfection every pour. For real authenticity, try drawing a clover in the foam of your glass with a thin pour of the last of your bottle or tap. It takes practice, so keep trying. 

This authentic recipe contains a blend of malted barley, roasted barley, flaked barley and hops. A specifically selected 7g Coopers Yeast is supplied with this brewing extract

Recommended to be brewed with Brew Enhancer or Body Blend to increase the rich smooth flavours and mouthfeel of this beer. 

Get a Coopers Irish Stout and enjoy the incredible flavours of history in your pint glass!

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