1.5 inch Tri Clover with 3/4inch BSP Female

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1.5 inch Tri Clover with 3/4inch BSP Female

304 grade stainless adaptor from 1.5 inch tri-clover to 3/4 inch BSP female. This adapter can be used to attach a wide variety of fittings to a 1.5inch tri clover connector as used on our larger stainless fermenters.

Common uses would be to attach a larger 20mm barb for fluid transfer or a KingLok female to 3/4 inch male adaptor. Having a KingLok fitting on your fermenter allows you to attach hoses and have a 'dry break' when you disconnect them or allow the easy attachment of a standard draft beer tap for taking samples (requires tap shank adaptor).

You can use the SL6 washer we sell and/or thread tape to seal fittings into the female thread. Does not include barb, tap etc, photos for illustration purposes only.

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