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We are the LARGEST supplier of KEGERATORS in Australia

Keg Master Series 2 ( RRP$499)
* This is the Keg Master Series 2 Keg Fridge.
* It can fit 2 19-20L postmix kegs (cornelius kegs, soda kegs) or one 50L commercial keg.
* Our 2.6kg Australian Standar cylinders will fit instide the fridge and still fit 2 x postmix kegs at the same time.




Keg Master Series 3(RRP$599)(download kegerator pamphlet)
This is a the "must have" unit for anyone who is serious about kegging.  It comes complete with drip tray, dual tap fount, regulator and much much more.
* It can fit 3 x 19-20L postmix kegs (cornelius kegs, soda kegs) or one 50L commercial keg (Tooheys, CUB, XXXX etc).
* Our 2.6kg Australian Standard cylinders will fit inside the fridge and still fit 3 x postmix kegs or a commercial 50L keg at the same time.  The fridge also comes with a external CO2 cylinder bracket just in case you prefer to mount the cylinder on the outside of the fridge. This makes it a little easier to make fine adjustments to the regulator pressure without having to take your kegs out each time you do it.




Keg Master - Grand Deluxe (RRP$2499)(download kegerator pamphlet)
The Keg Master - Grand Deluxe This is a commercial grade kegerator capable of housing up to 12 cornelius 19l kegs or 3-4 50L commercial kegs. For more information download the pamphlet HERE.

The difference with the Keg Master Series 2 and Series 3:

  Photos Keg Master Series 2
Keg Master Series 3



Approx 128 Litres
Fits 2 postmix kegs or;
1 CUB keg;
& our 2.6kg CO2 cylinder

Approx 164 Litres
Fits 3 postmix kegs or;
1 Coopers keg or;
1 Tooheys keg or;
1 CUB keg;
& our 2.6kg CO2 cylinder

External Dimensions:  

50cm (width)
60cm (depth)
82cm (height - excluding guard rail, fount and drip tray)

62cm (width)
61cm (depth)
91cm (height - excluding guard rail, fount and drip tray)
Internal Dimensions:
NOTE: The inside of the fridge is not square so these dimensions are only approximate.
  44cm (width)
40cm (depth - excluding dome door overhang)
65cm (height)
51cm (width)
48cm (depth)
71cm (height)
Castor Wheels Included

Stainless Steel Door Included

Single Tap Fount Included
Dual Tap Fount Included
Drip Tray Included
Guard Rail Included
Premium Australian Standards CO2 Regulator Included
CUB Keg Coupler Included
Internal Air Circulation Fan (for Quick Cooling) Included
Australian Standards 2.6kg CO2 gas cylinder included Included
Digital Thermostat Included
-4C - 28C (old model could only get down to 2C)
OPTIONAL CO2 Cylinder Bracket Included for back of fridge
Push in "Y" Splitters (to split your co2 lines to 2 kegs so you can use 2 taps at the same time). This can also be used to split your beer line so that you can use one keg and divert the flow to both taps.
This font fan kit consists of a 12v power pack, a blower box and conduit tube. The blower box sucks air in the side and blows it up the conduit tube which you push up the font. This cools the font (tap tower) down and also increases overall air circulation which will help to remove any warm pockets of air in the fridge.




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