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10amp and 16amp Temperature Controllers - Unwired

This temperature controller is a top of the line unit that can be used for almost anything. Use it to heat or cool. Use it to controll a fridge, freezer, heating pad or heating belt so you can completely control your fermentation temperature.

You can also use this temperature controller to automatically control your hot liquor or mash tun when connected to a heating element.

Waterproof stainless seel probe
Wiring instructions

Temperature Range: -45℃ to 99℃
Accuracy: +/- 1℃
Dimension: 77(Length) × 35(Width) × 60(Depth)mm
Mounting hole dimension: 71(Length) × 29(Width)mm
Temperature of the operating environment:-10℃ - 60℃
Relative Humidity: 20%~90% (Non-condensing)
Relay Output Capacity: 10A / 250VAC

Old Temp Controller Instructions
NEW - 10amp Model Temp Controller Instructions
NEW - 16amp Model Temp Controller Instructions

10amp and 16amp Temperature Controllers - Wired in Box

Temp Controller Wired in Box
These new temp controllers are fantastic if you have no wiring experience and done want to fiddle around connecting wires yourself. These controllers come fully wired up in a black box so all you need to do is plug one side into the mains power point and then plug the device you want to control into the temp controller box. The 10amp model comes with one plug (as shown below) so you can only control one heating or cooling device at a time. The 16amp controller comes with 2 plugs on the back of the box (similar to photo below but with two plugs on the back of the box, one being for heating and one for cooling)

How to modify Wired Temp Controllers to Automate Distillation

Distilling your own spirits often takes a long time and it's a process you may not want to have to wait around watching for hours. Using one of these digital temp controllers will enable you to set certain alarms at specific temperatures so that you can get an audible indication of when to turn on the water pump, or when to change the collection vessel etc. They make a very useful upgrade to a simple thermometer when distilling.

The wired temp controllers are a fantastic means to automate the distillation process so the distillation will turn off when a specific temperature is reached but a small modificaton must be made to the wiring to do this. As the temperature controllers come normally, if you set a specific temperature the controller will keep your heating device on until that temperature is reached. Then if you leave the temperature starts to drop again it will turn the temp controller back on so that it starts heating up the again until it reaches the set temperature. In the case of distilling this is not usually desireable. Usually if you will want to keep distilling until you reach a specific temperature and then want to temp controller to completelyl turn off and stay off. If you want do to this you will have to retro-fit one of our wired temp controllers with a small switch on the side of the box. (as shown below).

Temp Controller

Instructions on setting up temp 10amp/16amp controllers for distillation




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